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Infortrend automated storage tiering eonnaschannel. Infortrend service center send a service request or. By creating an account with our partner portal, you can download our product documents, promotional marketing materials and receive our network news. Infortrend provides esva, eonstor, eonnas storage solutions and sanwatch software for virtually all storage interfaces. Request for online technical support, create a service request or activate a license. Infortrend introduces automated storage tiering technology. Infortrend and the infortrend logo are registered trademarks and ift3101, ift3102, ift3102u2, ift3101u2g, ift3102u2g, sentinelraid, eonraid, raidwatch, and other names prefixed. Farstones totalrecovery pro 9 pro isa trusted allinone server backup and disaster recovery solution ensuring yourdata is safe and can be recovered when you need it. All quality control activity is available for inquiries, report generation, and audits. Ssd cache, automated storage tiering and eoncloud gateway optional license.

So any good or bad reports youve heard with infortrend would. So we asked them if they would like to make the case for their selection of zfs, especially since our. Additionally, to meet top tier application needs across business environments, infortrend products and solutions are tested compatible with enterpriselevel operating systems os such as windows server 2008, solaris, linux, ibm aix, hpux, and server virtualization software such as vmware oracle, citrix and microsoft hyperv. In july 2010 infortrend announced it will use stecs zeusiops in its esva f60 product line fc raid systems.

Automated storage tiering meet service level requirements by optimizing the utilization of hdds, ssds, and raid levels. The esds s24fr28404 is a fibre channel fc host storage system combining 8gbs fc host connectivity and 6gbs sas drive support. Infortrend technology it hardware parts list page 3. Featuring a single controller with four iscsi ports and support for hybrid interconnects. In this video, infortrend will show you how to setup storage tiering on your eonstor ds system. Infortrend data service automated storage tiering meet service level requirements by optimizing the utilization of hdds, ssds, and raid levels. Infortrend s storage products can allocate system capacity according to actual requirements, and combined with high density expansion enclosures of various specifications provide tb or pb level capacity for local storage, all with just one storage system. Infortrend has a diverse range of storage products on offer, meeting the requirements of soho, smb, enterprise, and organizational customers we offer highperformance storage products by combining. Eonstor esds 1016r is a highly affordable yet fully featured entrylevel storage for smbs with a 16bay 3u form factor. We are trusted infortrend parts stocking distributor in usa. The infortrend eonstor ds allflash raid systems achieve maximum io.

With the progression of information, the amount of enterprise data has started to grow exponentially. Cpu processors free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Eonstor gs gen2 storagekonsolidierung mit hochverfugbaren unified. Infortrend nas systems suppliers of data storage products. Infortrend eonserv 5016 surveillance server, 3u16bay, single controller system including 1x intel e3 1275 3. Eonstor ds raid systeme mit modularem hostinterface eurostor. The infortrend esds 1012g the benefits of power nas. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Infortrend offers eonone, a new generation storage management tool that complements well with eonstor gs gse gse pro, and eonserv systems. Attach the tie head cable clamp to a power cord by flipping open the cable clamp and wrapping it around the power plug. Support automated storage tiering to leverage ssd speed and enhanced remote replication disaster recovery easy to use exclusive sanwatch 3.

Meet service level requirements by optimizing the utilization of hdds, ssds, and raid levels. Infortrend announces rackmount dualcore biz nases tags. Tap partners with s3compatible object storage solutions may qualify by verifying compatibility with veeam. Manufacturer product family start capacity tb max capacity tb block protocols file protocols 3par. Buy infortrend eonstor ds softtierds0010 automated storage tiering at the best price. Veeam ready testing covers three categories, each with unique testing requirements. We cater all computer hardware needs for individual and business clients. Automated storage tiering lizenz fur eonstor ds raid systeme, 2 level. Choose enterprise it software and services with confidence. Infortrend eonstor s12sr1032 installation and hardware. Get a quote for infortrend computer hardware parts like 015425522, 2510fs, 4140015425522, 82ae21gd12250010, 82as21ge08m20010. We supply a large range of computer hardware and software in australia.

Infortrend automated storage tiering is a smart data management service that prioritizes drive access based on data hotness and importance. Raid technology has enabled users to get much more out of their hard disk drives, namely data protection, faulttolerance. Infortrend eonstor ds storage array solutions superior performance load balancing increases overall system performance by using more than one fibre channel path to transfer data improved productivity. Opttierds, automated storage tiering lizenz fur eonstor ds raid. Infortrend enterprise disk array components for sale in. The storage industry is moving towards high speed, reliable, and efficient solid state drives, and the eonstor ds 4000 gen2 systems is futureready. Infortrend automated storage tiering fully leverages the advantages of different storage media including ssds for highperformance ios and hdds for massive. Scalability is a much more costeffective solution than buying additional storage systems, resulting in. Page 56 eonstor s12srg1032 installation and hardware reference manual figure 39. Designed with an intuitive and userfriendly interface, eonone guides you to all storage related setup procedures and configurations via a smart setup wizard and a streamlined workflow. Server sizing and selection is a critical element of intel its enterprise resource planning erp infrastructure strategy, which makes use of both twosocket and foursocket servers.

Browse computer hardware parts like 8n3012rc0mc0010, 8n3012tm d0010, 8n3012tmd0010, 8n3016r0 0md0010, 8n3016r00md0010 manufactured by infortrend technology. The company is headquartered in the zhonghe district. The veeam ready program for veeam alliance partners. Storage tiering enables users to flexibly assign applications to tiers with different drive types and raid levels. Eonnas 3000 series hardware manual 1 introduction product overview the nas series server is a highperformance storage appliance for sharing files and volumes across ethernet network.

The infortrend is a drive array no different than any drive array from huge, medea, rorke, storcase or so many others. Same next day delivery worldwide free business quotes. What are sas external storage options promise, infortrend. Infortrend provides multiple specifications for storage systems and expansion enclosures such as 2u12bay, 3u16bay, 4u24bay, 4u60bay, 2u24bay, etc. Automated storage tiering fully leverages the advantages of different storage media including ssds for highperformance ios, and hdds for massive data archive. Infortrend delivers a new cloudintegrated unified storage. I first discovered infortrend when avid chose them to be the avid media. Choose business it software and services with confidence.

Buy infortrend accessories at best price free build raid test business quotes. Browse computer hardware parts like uspsphd3y303, uspsp3y303, tbkt000163, ss2201, mc16023xpfwlb manufactured by infortrend technology. Accomodating 24 sas drives, the dualcontroller esds s24f. Infortrend, is a pioneer in costeffective, high performance storage products. By enabling users to flexibly assign applications to four available tiers distinguished by different drive types and raid levels, automated storage tiering provides an architecture that fully leverages the advantages of different storage media, including ssds for. Infortrend eonstor ds storage array solutions atto. Generic operation manual rochester institute of technology. Year on year infortrend technology inc had revenues remain flat at 1.

A reduction in the cost of goods sold as a percentage of. Buy infortrend softtierds0010 eonstor ds automated. Infortrend accessories kaufen server computer hardware. Microsoft windows server 2003 virtual disk service vds compatibility via infortrend hardware. Automated storage tiering fully leverages the advantages of different storage media including ssds for highperformance ios and hdds for massive data.

Tap partners with primary backup storage solutions may qualify by meeting or exceeding functional and performance tests for backup and restore operations veeam ready object. Infortrend is the only manufacturer we know of using zfs in a commerciallyproduced nas. Eonstor ds systems support as many as 360 drives through compatible expansion enclosures. Infortrend will provide access to these new software, firmware or documentation releases from certain download sections of our website or through our service partners. Infortrend eonstor ds allflash raid systeme eurostor. The sas xdas line supports multipath and i would expect that it works the same as infortrend. Infortrends eonnas pro 500 has some unique features, but doesnt measure up to competitors on performance and more.

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